Cosmo Bags–Completed and 2 Winners

Well, January is gone and there was quite a bit of participation with our first bag for the Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge!  Almost 50 bags!  

I would like to highlight a few bags from January's challenge.


I love linen and brown, way to go Robin.


image from


I like big flowers and I cannot lie, you other sewists can't deny!  


image from



I love what JayBird Quilts did with her bag, she used laminated cotton for the main exterior.  I have made some zipper bags and toddler smocks with LC, but that's been it so far.  I am motivated to step it up with laminated cotton now. 


image from



I love the pinks and browns on Lisa's bag!  


image from


Fried Okra's bag.  I feel like the black really did it for me.


image from


What can I say?  Michelle used Urban Chiks.  1974.  So sacred that no one is even sewing with it…


image from


Marci Girl's bag is just so pretty.  Plaid and applique, yes, please!


image from


Terri's birds.  Yes.

image from  


More birds.  Oh yes.  Way to go Robin.


image from


I am just tickled that so many people participated, in the first month.  Some bags will stay with their makers, some are being gifted, which is awesome!  


Speaking of awesome, here's one more bag–this was a first project for this person! Is that not fantastic?

image from



Everyone (even if you are still working on your bag) should give yourself 2 pats on the back and have a cupcake with extra frosting!  Congratulations on making your bags, they were all great, by the way!  There were so many pieces, keeping track of that was a feat, for sure!


** If you are making the Cosmo Bag (from the book Style Stitches) and need some guidance, I made a quick sew-a-long in 2 posts:  Part 1 & Part 2.  You can see my bag there.  If you just want some inspiration, check out the SSMBC 2011 flickr group to see all of the bags submitted.


For January, The Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge 2011 sponsors are:

Above All Fabric, who is awarding a $25 gift certificate!


and Fat Quarter Shop, who is awarding a $50 gift certificate!


Now, let's announce the 2 winners for this month's challenge.

I used Random Number Generator to select the winners…



"Bright on a Snowy Day"





"Bag Full of Roses"



Congratulations, ladies!  

Now, you must SEND ME AN E-MAIL TO CLAIM YOUR GIFT CERTIFICATE.  The first person who sends me a message gets to pick first, the second person gets the alternative gift certificate.  You can reply to this post if you like, but you must send me a separate e-mail to claim your prize.  My address is jemelliahilfiger AT  I suggest copying and pasting it to get it correct.  


Thank you to everyone who made a bag, told someone about the challenge, or both!


A very big thank you to our January sponsors!

Fat Quarter Shop and Above All Fabric


I'll have February's bag post ready today.  It's a snow day and I have a toddler to entertain!


17 thoughts on “Cosmo Bags–Completed and 2 Winners

  1. Yes, there are some hot bags this month!
    Congratulations to your winners and to everyone who participated.
    Thank you Jemellia for kicking our butts and motivating us to do this!

  2. Thank you for picking me as a winner! I am so excited and have told so many people about this Challenge. My sister-in-law who gave me the book for Christmas will be so thrilled. I think I will have to make her a bag! Thank you! I need to pick fabric for the next bag now.

  3. LOVELY bags! My book arrived too late to get to my own Cosmo bag. I hope to get one done before the end of the year though. You are so right about 1974 – use it?? Horrors! LOL! I have a piece of it and really love it in the bag but…not sure I want it in something that would get thrown around, set on the floor. Maybe I should just frame my 1974 piece. 😉
    Looking forward to bag #2!

  4. Congrats to this month’s big winners! There are some gorgeous Cosmo bags out there. The flickr group is so full of inspiration, it is just crazy. I can’t wait to get started on bag #2! 🙂

  5. Thank you for picking my bag as one of the winners for January. I got this book for Christmas and have made a few bags. I’m excited about finding this group and can’t wait to start the next project

  6. Congrats to the winners! I’ll be finished with my 2 swaps and start participating in February. I love seeing the fabric selections other people use.

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