A Review of 2010, part 1 of 2

It is really nice to reflect on the year's past through pictures, I am going to show some things that I made in 2010 in 2 posts as I am doing individual .jpgs.  Yes, this post is the best kind of heavy…



 A birthday dress for our 3 year old

Rouenneries dress


I loved it so much, I started another after our guests left that evening.

Sweet dot dress



Oh, this little thing?  It was a class with a Holly that I know. 

banner in E's room. No, it does not live here, it could, but, it does not.


Of course, French General is on the list

3 strand pink necklace



Bibs for aforementioned Holly's baby boy




A Gilded Life meets Kaari Meng



Yes, again with the French General.  This bracelet was sold to aid Haiti after the earthquake last year.




I made a lot of trips to the zoo




A tiny necklace for a friend's Stella



Yep, okra's in the garden



E & I started morning glories with an eggshell garden, look at how much they've grown!



Basil, we can't get enough of this herb, E would pick it right out of the garden and snack on it.



This month, I am working on a birthday dress for a girl who's soon to be 4, my Cosmo bag, and a quilt.



7 thoughts on “A Review of 2010, part 1 of 2

  1. Jem,
    It is really dazzling to see your work all together. The little dresses…swoon! I adore the bracelet for Haiti. I wouldbhave not been a good enough person to give it up!
    Will be awaiting Part 2.

  2. Is there a pattern for the January POLKA-DOT dress? I LOVE IT ———what fabric did you use for it (Maker/name)?

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