All About Me!

Me & Indygo Junction

Hello there! I am the person behind the JemJam blog, my name is Jemellia.  You may call me Je, the Fabric Whisperer, Jem, JemJam, or insane.  I like long walks on the beach, people with a sense of humor and other corny things. I attend a local university for Sociology and occasionally amaze my family with my culinary skills.


They are just cookies…



When I’m not figuring out how alienate people, I sew. I love to sew for my little one, I recently made her a coat:

School Days Coat


I sew for my family and friends, too. Sometimes, I actually take pictures and maybe even blog about it.


A bag that I embroidered and whipped up for my best Bird: IMG_9421


Right now, I am wanting to guide and instruct sewing, so my blog will now reflect my desire. I am hosting a monthly blog challenge that is worth reading and possibly doing:


Join the challenge



Here I am in a hat with a dead bird on top:

bird hat


Here’s a family photo:

3 Chucks


Thanks for your support.

5 thoughts on “All About Me!

  1. Thanks for posting the how to on the cosmo bag never would have completed it with out your help.
    sweet gee

  2. Jem please help!!!! I am making the Cosmo bag and I am having a lot of trouble on step 8 attaching the side panels to the main panel? Are those the panels with the pocket we just made? When I pin those to the main panel there is about a one inch over hang at the bottom. I can email tou a pic so you can see. Not sure what I’m doing wrong
    Please help
    Thanks Debbie

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