Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge 2011-January’s Bag

Happy new year!

It's January, let's get this challenge started!

We will be making the COSMO BAG from Chapter 1.  There is just one size for the bag, but you need to decide if you want short or long handles.  Consider how you will use the bag and make a decision!




Fabrics for COSMO BAG—

We need to have 3 prints for this project, light to mid-weight cottons are suitable.

Exterior print:  1 3/8 yard

Coordinating print/solid: 1 1/4 yard

Lining: 1 3/8 yard 


Here are the fabrics that I am using…


The dot fabric will be used for the coordinating print, it will look great with both of my prints.  Be sure to love your selections!



We will need 6 1/4 yards of 20" wide FUSIBLE woven interfacing.  The testers in the book used Shape Flex by Pellon, just make sure that it is fusible and intended for light to mid-weight fabrics.

1/4 yard of 44" wide fusible fleece (it is next to the interfacing in stores).

One 1.5" button to cover (make sure to buy a package with the kit, about $2-$3 total, I highly discourage buying the "no kit required" set).  JCaroline has them here.


You can purchase interfacing, fusible fleece, and buttons at your local shop that sells fabric.  I recommend buying the interfacing at a shop that has a coupon, as we need many yards.  Joann, Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, etc. 


Are you new to using interfacing?  Kathy Mack at Pink Chalk has a helpful guide to fusible interfacing that you may enjoy.


Style Stitchers, this is what we need to do for January:

  • Select/order fabric and notions
  • Show us the fabric that you are using on the Flickr group page, if you desire
  • Cut out pattern pieces for COSMO BAG
  • Make bag following instructions from book
  • Ask questions if you have any (you may use the discussion board on our Flickr group)
  • Take pictures of your COSMO BAG and upload them to the FLICKR GROUP.  Alternatively, you may e-mail them to me and I will upload them to Flickr.  
  • Meet back here on 1 FEB 2011 for details for the next bag and to see a few of the photo-submitted bags and find out who won gift certificates to this month's sponsors, Above All Fabric ($25) and Fat Quarter Shop ($50).


–COSMO BAG pictures must be submitted by 31 JANUARY 2011 to be eligible for the gift certificate drawings.  The winners will be randomly selected.  

–There will be 2 winners this month, once the winners are announced, the first person to respond gets to select the gift certificate that they want. I will give further instructions on the 1 FEBRUARY 2011 post. 


Questions?  Comments?  Did I forget to mention anything?

**New to the challenge?  You can read all of the details on this post & then get sewing!**

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33 thoughts on “Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge 2011-January’s Bag

  1. LOVE the bag, but it is waaaay too big for me. So, I’m going to make it 75% smaller. I know I’ll need to make adjustments along the way, but I think it’ll work out! I’ll report back with how it went. πŸ™‚

  2. I agree with Heather, I think that bag is way to big, I may even reduce it down 50%, will see, but I am making it smaller! Looking forward to picking out my fabrics! This will be fun!

  3. I wish you luck as well, I must say, please read the measurements for the bag completely. 50% reduction sounds incredibly tiny, but, you know your bag’s intended use, good luck!

  4. Ooooohhhh! Can’t even wait for my book to get here! Now to pick out my fabrics – that could take me a while since there are always so many I like.
    Thanks for the challenge Jemellia!

  5. Computer bag! Check. I’ve had my new laptop for 10 months and my old bag is too small. You’d think I would have taken care of this already….
    Looking forward to it!

  6. I see this gigantic bag holding socks or balls of yarn πŸ™‚
    I’m scared for September though, that looks like a tricky bag!

  7. Oh yeah Adrian, and monkey limbs, too!
    September is the one that I’m least excited to do, I for see a gift at the end of that process. I can’t wait to do December!!

  8. Yay! I have my fabrics picked out and posted in Flickr. I am always a little surprised at how BIG Amy Butler bags turn out, but with two kids I somehow always manage to find a use for all that space πŸ˜‰

  9. Hi Jemellia, You are right 50% reduction is too small, not necessarily the bag itself, but the handles would be a weird tiny size that wouldn’t look right, so maybe I will just leave the size alone! Everybody is dreading September’s bag, but that is the one I look forward to the most!!!!

  10. Oh, Crap! I’m not ready, Je! I don’t have the book, yet! I planned to be more organized…YIKES!!! Don’t let me stop production, though….LOL! I’ll be baaaack! πŸ˜‰

  11. Hi Jemellia-
    This looks like lots of fun. I intend to pull my sewing machine out of the box soon. Maybe this time next year I can join along! Have you been to PC lately? I am wanting to take a trip up there soon, with you in tow of course. : )

  12. This looks like a great bag. It would be perfect for sleep overs, I can see my daughter putting her pillow and other necessities in it. I’m going to have to get the book so I can join along. I’ve been wanting to make bags but just haven’t gotten around to it, this will be a great project for the year. Not to mention any bag always makes a great present.

  13. I am now waiting for my book and will start when I get it, and find a power card for any of my machines???? where would I have put them, and why would I have put them anywhere away from the machine????? oh well, I will find them. Can you tell me where on face book you are? I can’t find you

  14. Hello from Malaysia Jemellia! I’d love to join this sew along…I’ve had the book for a long time and have yet to sew anything from it. It’s the narrative, lack of pictures instructions that’s putting me off. Perhaps the discussion on flickr will help. Finger’s crossed I could finish the bag, it looks large enough for me to bring to class! πŸ™‚

  15. This sounds fun! I got the book for Christmas. I hope to make many of the bags but probably will skip some. This first bag looks like it would make a great project bag.

  16. Ordered the book but it is going to ship media mail…ugh. Not sure if it will make it in time OR if I have big enough pieces of fabric on hand to make the Cosmo bag. I may have to wait to join in until February.

  17. I’ve had the book for a while now, but have yet to make anything from it. This is just the push I needed. Have all my supplies ready. Looking forward to sewing along with you!

  18. Bree, that is delightful coincidence. I was trying to decide which bag to make first this fall and I said, well hell, there are 12 chapters, it was so easy to figure out the rest and I jumped right in and started planning, it has taken a life of its own for now.

  19. Okay…I’ve got all my pieces cut out. That took forever! And I fused them all. Now onto sewing…

  20. So excited to finish my bag! Thanks again for hosting the challenge. The bag is big, but not as big as it looks in the pictures. I think it will be very handy for traveling.

  21. All done! Posted my bag to flickr. It was big enough to fit my dog πŸ™‚
    Do I need to e-mail it to you to “officially”enter or is posting it to flickr sufficient?

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