A Monthly Bag Challenge for 2011

Beginning in January, I am hosting a sewing challenge.  Each month, I am making a bag from Amy Butler’s book, Style Stitches (click the link to view each bag). I would love for you to join me!

There are 12 chapters in the book, so, in January I will make the bag from chapter 1, and just go in order for each month.

Here are the details so far for the challenge:

At the beginning of each month, I will announce the bag that we are to sew along with the details for the particular project (i.e., fabric requirements, notions, and resources if necessary).  I’ll show the fabric prints that I am using each month as well.  

I think that it will be inspiring for others if participants send in pictures for me to post of the prints that they are using.  

At the end of each month, I will post my completed bag.  I’ll share here on my blog a few bags that are completed by the last day of the month from sewists who participate in the challenge.  For incentive, there will an end of the month gift certificate drawing for completed and picture-submitted bags! 

I have created a Flickr group that you may join to submit your photos throughout the challenge: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ss2011/.  Join the group to view projects as we progress, even if you decide not to do the challenge(s).

If you are considering the challenge and need some convincing, I have a few points:

1. The book has 12 chapters, each a different bag, some large, tiny, some huge, all functional and all beautiful.  1 chapter does have 6 bags, they are all different sizes of zipper bags.

2.  You can challenge yourself to make just 1 bag during the entire challenge and still feel complete.

3.  Amy Butler’s sewing patterns cost about $12, so if you purchase the book, just by making 3 bags, you have created a significant value.

4.  You can use the bag(s) that you have completed to give as gifts for any upcoming occasion(s).

5.  Who doesn’t love bags?  Go sew 1, 2 or 12.

6.  You could win a gift certificate to Above All Fabric or Fat Quarter Shop.

7.  If you blog, you have basically generated 2 blog posts (each month) just by participating in the challenge.  You are welcome.

8. Challenge yourself to use the fabric that you already have on hand for some of the bags, stash reducer!

9.  Learn some new techniques.  Zippers?  Fringe?  Pleats?  Flat piping? Yes, please!

10.  Become the envy of the company that you keep.

11.  Forgo the typical New Year’s resolutions and do this challenge!  

12.  You will have a new Flickr! group to join & a new blog button to use.


Yes, I gave making a blog button a try!  Shouldn’t you take it and post it to draw interest to the challenge? Yes, you should.


StyleStitches button

Please, help spread the word!


What?  You don’t have the book already?  Pink Chalk Fabrics and Fat Quarter Shop has it for sale and I will be doing a giveaway for 1 book very soon!


***updated to show “17 bags,” I thought that it was 16.  Don’t be afraid.


58 thoughts on “A Monthly Bag Challenge for 2011

  1. Am I too late to join???? I love Amy Butler’s designs/patterns but I’ve been too afraid to try them! So this will just force me to do it!!

  2. Christine, you are not too late! Join in and get going on that bag! Think positive thoughts on your project, take it slow, reread instructions and have your bag done and pictures uploaded by 31 Jan 2011 to be eligible to win a gift certificate. Ask questions if you need, there are a few bags already complete!

  3. I’m in! I received the book at Christmas. Let’s be honest, I ordered it for myself and then told DH he owed me for it. So romantic. I was just going to cut this bag out when I found you through flickr. So excited to join.

  4. Just one question. How do I take the badge? Others I’ve used have an HTML that I can copy and paste to the Widgets in my blog. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. I just found you (thanks to Jaybird Quilts) and ordered my Style Stitches book…whoo hoo! Looking forward to participating in February!

  6. Hi Jemellia! I don’t know if you remember me- I’m Andrew’s old friend. Anyway, I never knew you were so awesome at the sewing, and the blogging, and the making of things! I love it! Just wanted to let you know that I’m participating in the challenge. Bring it on! I’ll be playing catch up, but I’m so super excited.
    P.S. Your little one has grown so much since I last saw her!

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