School Days Coat Sew-a-Long, More Pictures

So, after many hours of tracing, cutting, more cutting, sewing, note taking, photographing, editing photos, & writing blog posts, the sew along for the coat is finally complete!  I am so pleased with the final product and cannot say enough how much I enjoyed making it.  

School Days Coat


She has a few scarves that she will wear with it, one is this purchased blue one. 



Here we are together, yep, she's a toddler and it's completely okay to do this.



And I will do it as long as she allows me.



Vintage Garden Knits wrapped around our necks.  


Here is the coat is action. I am not certain that she will ever get to wear it again, you know, to preserve it's original condition…

School Days Coat


Deep breaths.

7 thoughts on “School Days Coat Sew-a-Long, More Pictures

  1. Hi Jemellia. What a beautiful coat and a beautiful little girl. Hope you are doing well. Have a great holiday. Gretchen

  2. jemellia,
    that coat is very wow, one wearing is plenty! and evangeline is just too cute, but look at her momma…
    just wanted to wish you a merry christmas, sweet friend.

  3. Jem, love the coat but missed the pattern source,could you share it again my grandson would look so cute in it I am thinking rain coat? maybe great oil cloth?
    I an joining you on the bag challenge, my first is getting done slower I have to hide it as it’s a gift for my oldest daughter. Her birthday comes in June so will have plenty or time to get done. I of course had to add pockets inside along with a couple of other things. But have stated the February bag anyway wonder if that is h0w I end up with so many 1/2 finished things.

  4. Finished my first coat today and I’m thrilled! Thanks for the guidance! I cut out the pieces for number two tonight…we’ll see how fast that one comes along when my I go back to work on Monday!

  5. I’m (finally) finishing coat number two – nearly a year after my comment above. Ha! It got put aside for, oh, roughly 11 months. BUT, I was hoping to use your pics again as a guide and there’s a message from Flickr saying they’re not available. I can get through the end with just the pattern, but your pictures sure were a nice addition for coat #1!

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