School Days Coat Sew-a-Long, Day 10

Ahh, the last day!  Today is mostly hand sewing, so, set aside a little time and turn on some Law & Order: SVU!

Blindstitch or slipstitch the folded edge of the lining hem to the jacket hem at the topstitch.  Note, the lining's extra length will hang down from the coat hem, creating a bit of ease that will allow for movement when the jacket is worn.





Slipstitch or blindstitch the extra fold of the lining to the front facing to secure it.








Now, remove basting stitches from the pleat at the center-back lining.

If you are using snaps instead of Velcro for the front closure, sew them on now.

If you are using button tabs (I am), stitch a button to each of the 3 tabs on the wearer's left side at the markings that you transferred from the pattern.





We just completed a coat!  Wasn't that amazing?  



Are you ready to do another like I am?  I am going to start the rain jacket really soon!

7 thoughts on “School Days Coat Sew-a-Long, Day 10

  1. Thanks for the Sew-a-Long. I haven’t made the school days coat yet but will definitely use your sew along as a resource when I do! THANKS!

  2. So now I can spot you around town in your new coat!!
    I cannot sew worth a hoot but I’ve enjoyed following your tute..remins me of watching my Grandmother sew. You have mad talents like she did!! You either got it or ya don’t :)/I DO love me some SVU though.
    Stay warm!!

  3. Your project step-outs encouraged me to bust out my machines. I even tried to thread the damn serger.
    Operative word.
    See you in a few days!

  4. I recently dropped way too much money on fabric for two school days coats for my daughter and son, and am nervous to begin. However, I just read your entire sewalong series, and I feel SO much better! I really need to visualize what I’m going to do thoroughly before I do it. I have grandparent daycare lined up all day tomorrow and I can’t wait to begin! Thanks so much!!!

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