School Days Coat Sew-a-Long, Day 8

Today we are assembling the hood and lining.

Grab your hood that you started a long time ago…

ATTENTION, IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A LITTLE HANGER FOR YOUR COAT, MAKE IT NOW AND BASTE IT TO YOUR HOOD.  I did not think of this until later and have not felt like undoing anything to add it, when I make the rain jacket, I will do it!

With right sides together, align edges of your hood to coat's neckline and baste with a 3/8" seam.




Let's get busy with the lining!

With right sides together, pin the lining to the jacket at the neck and front edges.  Be sure to match notches and seams.  Sandwich the hood between lining and jacket, pin as necessary.  Starting and ending at the facing's lower inside edge, sew with a 1/2" seam allowance.  Pivot at the bottom front corners and at the neckline's front corners.








Make sure that you remove all pins!  Trim seam allowances to ~1/4" and clip corners.

Turn jacket and lining right sides out through the bottom of the jacket.  Tuck the sleeve lining into the sleeves.  Gently push out corners at top and bottom edges of facing, press jacket at the neckline and at facing edges.

Now, to complete today's assignment, we need to hand-stitch the sleeve lining to the sleeve.

Blindstitch or slipstitch the folded edge of the sleeve lining to the sleeve hem at the topstitching, 1" from the sleeve hem edge.  The lining's extra length will hang down a bit, creating a little ease that will allow for movement when jacket is worn.



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