School Days Coat Sew-a-Long, Day 1

I am really excited to host this sew-a-long, this is my first, if you have any suggestions or questions after I've posted, I am all ears.  Here's the schedule:



A few notes about this coat/jacket:  

  • I wanted to complete this coat entirely before starting the sew-a-long just in case I ran into a few problems with my comprehension, I am happy to report that it all went smoothly!  


  • Do not feel intimidated by this pattern, it is written very well.  There are mostly straight lines if that's a concern, there are a few curves, but, just go slowly.  


  • You do not need a serger for this pattern, I have one (that I love) and I turned it on once near the very end for a 2.5" piece (x 2), you can use a zigzag stitch for this small piece.  Since the coat is lined, there was no need for anything extra to finish it.


  • There is a little bit of hand sewing, near the end of completion, it was quite therapeutic!  



Let's begin preparing our fabrics, notions, and pattern for our coat.  Here are the views from which you can decide:


image from

NOTIONS: JACKET – Thread, 2 large snaps or Velcro© patches for front closure.

VIEW A – 3 toggle buttons with 1 yard of leather or fabric cording (handmade or purchased).

VIEW B – Three 3/4” buttons. 


I am making the VIEW B coat, which has tabs instead of toggle buttons and cording.  I am using 2 Velcro pieces instead of snaps to close the jacket. 

I am using wool for the outer fabric and a voile for the lining. You can read more about Anna Maria Horner's voile right here. You can buy some from Melanie here. Voile is soft and feels a little slippery, so, it will be easy to slide in and out of the coat. It really feels so good.




Gather your pattern and trace it or cut it out. I personally do not recommend cutting it out, it is now an out of print pattern, costs $16, and you very well may have the urge to make this again, I am ready to make another one!


When you trace your pattern, be sure to transfer all markings, including the size and every single notch. When doing notches, I make a snip into the fabric well within the seam allowance (which is 1/2").

Get started on cutting out all of your pieces. There will be 10-11 pieces to cut out on your main fabric depending on the view that you choose and 6 pieces for the lining. It takes a while to get all of this done, really, the most time-consuming part! The cutting layout is on the the pattern pieces page, make sure that you place that back in your envelope if you cut it out. Once I cut out my pattern pieces, I keep them pinned in place until I am ready to sew with them, this is especially helpful with this many pattern pieces (and some of them are the same piece for the lining and main fabric).




Well, get started and we will meet back here on Sunday!  Have a fun Halloween!

*graphics courtesy of Shabby Princess & Oliver + S.

9 thoughts on “School Days Coat Sew-a-Long, Day 1

  1. That fabric is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see the finished result. You are amazing, Jem. In the midst of all that is going on, you are doing this project. Wow!

  2. Hi! I’m a little behind you. I’m waiting for the delivery of my lining fabric. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up. Are you going to do the lining?

  3. Hooooooooray!!!!!! My fabric is here! In the washing machine as I speak. I’ll be on the starting line with you. Just one hallowe’en party to do first!

  4. I just found this sew a long a bit late, but it’ll be nice to have some of your notes to read through. I’ve been “cutting” my coat out for three months! It keeps getting put aside. Now I’m motivated to complete the coat.

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