Chocolate Chip Cookies!

When I told mini me that I was baking cookies, I heard the anticipated pitter patter towards the kitchen. Shortly, we gathered all of our tools and ingredients.




Yes, that scooper is VITAL in this kitchen.


From a 42" person's view:


Let's get it started!


Toast your pecans while mixing everything else…


Whisk your flour, salt, and soda





Mix it, mix it good


Add flour mix to butter sugar (here's a tip for chewy, crispy cookies–melt at least one stick of your butter).

Chop cooled pecans.


Add morsels and pecans.



Jimmy would eat cookie dough if allowed–yuck.


Bake for 11 minutes.









10 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  1. First off…those eggs look GINORMOUS in mini me’s hands…huge clucker layed those! Roasting pecans? I’m slapping you NOW! BUT, since you gave out the hint for the chewy/crisp cookies, ie melting one stick of butter, the slap won’t hurt TOO bad! 😉
    I hope no one sneaks up behind you with that bad ass knife in your hand…

  2. I’m missing farmer’s eggs! Oh well, I’ll start getting co-op goods soon. Omg, yes, girl, I do not put “raw” nuts in anything, 5 minutes makes a difference!

  3. oh, what I would give for “smell-a-puter” right now!! Those look so Yummy! Relish those days, my Miss Priss is starting to turn my cooking invitations down more and more lately :(.

  4. Ooooh and they are pretty. I am so glad the two of you enjoy cooking together, that really is a blessing.
    Do you put anything on your pecans prior to toasting?
    Also, I got the Devo reference.
    You are welcome.

  5. I am enjoying that time with her, it adds 40 minutes to the process and that is just alright.
    Don’t put anything on your pecans, just toast them dry. You can do it in a skillet or in the oven, I just do the oven b/c I’m less likely to burn them (especially w/a toddler in the kitchen).
    Oh, and of course, thanks for getting the Devo reference.

  6. Jem,
    If you start getting all kinds of traffic today, it is because your name was in my blog entry…as if I get a lot of traffic! I was talking about the sassy-pants girls from Oklahoma.
    Are you making me a craft apron for SB? I would love it but, if not, no fret. I will bring my one from last year so I don’t spill all over myself.

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