We All Love Mail

About a week after sending me a box of goodies, Mrs. Renee sent our little stinker a box of gifts through the mail. What a surprise! E was so excited to open her package (as was I)!




Inside was a board book, a set of hairpins (heavily coveted by me), a wind-up music box that plays "Home on the Range" –it only plays as you turn it, some paper eyeglasses, and lots of big handmade confetti. This entire package is a win-win!




Wins for parents: No plastics and no noisy stuff.

Wins for little one: Aforementioned wins, a book, confetti, and most importantly, a box–she had it for months! She kept her confetti in it and played with it as necessary.

I grew concerned one day that she sorted all of the confetti by like items. It was a good concern, I must say.

Thanks, Renee!

5 thoughts on “We All Love Mail

  1. That Renee! She is a sweetie…………I love the business card of the little girl!
    Hey that skirt that Cindy had on is not an apron. And it is really cute with the hot pink check shirt. Cindy has some of the cutest clothes! Wish I could get away with wearing what she does. Oh well!

  2. Hi there!! That business card with the pink flower hair clips is a photo of my mum!
    Georgiana Smith Linde, a Southern farm from Louisiana..the photo was her school photo when she was 8 years old. Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever?
    Sadly, she passed away when I was just three, but she lives on in my heart and is the angel of my business..
    Southern Charm
    Thank you for sharing Georgiana!
    p.s. I met Renee at an art retreat and now we are great friends…what a sweetie she is!!
    xoShari French

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