Sing Your Song

Today, I want to show you a gift that I received from a woman that I met over a year ago, Renee.

Robin and I met Renee at a Paper Crown class last March, we met a lot of characters that day.

I have been running into Renee at that same store, in Omaha for Silver Bella & we even shared a flight to STL to Mary Engelbreit's workshop weekend!  


She's great (although once she tried to tell me not to talk badly about a waitress that we had.  I reminded her that it was behind her back and that made it permissible).  She loves to take notes, she keeps a pen handy and writes down the crap that we say b/c she thinks that we are quotable, I can never run for public office with her jotting…

Much to my surprise, one day in May, I received a package in the mail from Renee…


OMG, that box was so warm and intriguing! Look at this bird!


The tag with green ribbon says "2 Birds in a Pod!" What??


She made some really amazing items, I really love the aluminum tags! Also, she packed some glitter in there, that can boost a package's awesomeness by 10%.


Paper rosette…


It's all so great!



Thank you, Renee!  I can't wait to get on the road with you!

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