3 Things

Thing 1:


Kcwc fall 2010 big


This week, Elsie Marley is having a Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  The challenge is simple–dedicate 1 hour each day this week to making clothes for kids (your own or someone else's).  Elsie has some tutorials posted on her blog for easy reference if you are not sure what to create.  Here are her FAQs about the challenge.  I want to know if you are doing the challenge!  

If you do not know what to make, Jona Giammalva just released her own patterns last week (how exciting!!), you can order this cute little dress to make!  It has been much fun reading about her journey to have her patterns printed.  She is a great pattern designer and writer, you shall not be disappointed!


Thing 2:


I am preparing to HOST a sew along!  It will be the School Days Coat by Oliver + S.  

image from www.oliverands.com


If you have any resources to share for COAT fabrics (wool, especially), toggle buttons, leather cording, or for the RAIN JACKET (laminated cotton, in particular) e-mail me or leave a note in the comments.  I will post the sites in a separate post a little later to help people prepare.  Also, if you have any recommendations  on where the size 4-8 pattern can be found (local or online), give up the info!  The pattern is discontinued and now out of print and there may be a few patternless people wanting to join the sew along.  


Pass on the information on the "2 things" as you see fit, thanks people.


Thing 3:

This was a linky post.  


8 thoughts on “3 Things

  1. Laminated fabric remember that when you sew you leave holes in the fabric, use clothes pins (my preferd method) or double sided tape instead of pins. also sew slow. there is a great tutorial on how to sew on laminated fabric on sew it up web site

  2. Hey Sweet Pea in a Pod (I am clearly buttering you up here…) I didn’t realize I had forgotten! Yikes. I am sorry!
    So…I would like one of your craft vendor apron…all that talk about me spilling…just forget it. I like teal, red, pink…I don’t know it you can find some wild combo’s with that color combination. Do ya think? I just got an Oililly scarf in the Amsterdam airport and it has those colors plus dark and light brown and I am loving it. Anything with the first three would make me really happy. Anything with teal and other colors would make me pretty happy, too! I like teal and orange. Wild mixes are super!!!
    Is that helpful?

  3. Yay! I’ve been looking for a sewalong for this jacket – and I’m not quite ready to host one myself. So when do we get started?
    I’ve already got my pattern and fabric. I chose microfleece over wool for it’s ease of washing – I hope it works ok. And I got the most wonderful little owl fabric for the lining. Whee!

  4. This pattern is still available at many of the Australian online fabric shops – Amy/Badskirt + Earthgirl, Duckcloth and Kelani. All post O/S!

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