Chicken Pot Pie

I have loved chicken pot pie since I was a little girl, I am not sure that I know a person who doesn't like it. Do these people exist in our country??  

I started making CPP a few years back, I used Joy of Cooking's recipe but, it was a bit labor intensive for me to make often with an infant under one arm.
This past Xmas, my husband's mother gave me the Pioneer Woman Cooks, I had not heard of her but, there's lots of pictures in there, so I felt that I would give her recipe a try. I omitted peas because that is on the no travel list of my digestive system and teeth, and throat. Eww. Anyhow, I used fennel (started from seed in our garden!) instead and it gave such a great flavor to the filling.


It takes longest to cut all of the veggies than it does to cook the filling. I used chicken thighs (from a local farm), I boil them and I use that water for stock–$3.50 saved, which will be used for a future fennel purchase. Here is the filling complete with me adding thyme (also our home grown) last.


For topping, I no longer make a pie crust, I use a biscuit recipe. I never make the biscuits, I nab the closest, most unsuspecting person that is able to read and measure ingredients–they never see it coming. Thanks red-haired brother!


While the pot pie is in the oven, I call on my best spoon cleaner under 48 inches…


She approves and all is well and eaten ferociously.


10 thoughts on “Chicken Pot Pie

  1. I am waiting…I am waiting…I am waiting…for a new post. What is happening in OKC, Jem? I hope you are not finishing up the last of the chicken pot pie? Or making your darling daughter eat it? (Really, it does look yummy and I am glad you stopped that crust nonsense. I married a man who makes pie crust and I have never made one in thirty-eight years of marriage).
    Blogging with Guilt. The New Wave.
    Yes, I think I truly do know how awesome those pieces are but you are a good friend of Robin’s to tell me! To be honest, I do not think I have ever made anything that awesome. I can’t wait to see what they look like in person. As far as I can see they are just about perfection. I wonder if Robin knows how totally awesome they are.
    One of these days, I would love a craft apron a la Jem! To match my Silver Bella wardrobe!

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