Biscuit Time

About every 2 weeks (sometimes more), the kid and I make biscuits.  She, like myself as a child, is eager to help in the kitchen. 

She helped me measure the dry ingredients, all while insisting on using her set of spoons.

image from

Tiny fingers are excited about pulsing.

image from

Never fret, I cut the butter.

image from

image from

Okay, she insisted on making imprints, which meant I had to scrape and re-roll the dough.

image from

We use every bit of dough possible, so I use a large and a tiny cutter.

image from

So far, so good!

image from

They look great!

image from

The babe is really good, she even retrieved a tin that we use for baked goods, I am teaching her to use a spatula.

image from

The biscuits were a little cracked on top, but, when handled too much, it happens.  They tasted great, we don't use condiments and we don't need them!

I took all of these pictures with my phone and I am too lazy to crop and edit them, eh, you get the message.


14 thoughts on “Biscuit Time

  1. Her little hands are so sweet patting the dough.
    Perfect times..perfect memories.
    They grow up so fast!
    We had drop biscuits tonight..not as pretty as yours and I did not forgo the condiments either..honey and jam…which is why you are willowy and I am fluffy!!! πŸ™‚

  2. These photos are so precious. I just love her tiny little hands. Are there any thoughts of opening a mother/daughter biscuit business? Because I could sure use an order of those right now. πŸ˜‰

  3. Holly, as fun as that sounds, I feel like I would be setting myself up for an “Imitation of Life” life except with biscuits instead of pancakes…

  4. I’ve never made drop biscuits, are they crunchy? That sounds good. If we ever do anything together, our names will be Willow and Fluff.

  5. Thanks! Oh, she had so much fun! Every time that she got flour on her hands, she immediately wanted to wipe them on a towel, I had to explain the purpose of flour.

  6. “The Purpose of Flour”…this is getting really deep! Seriously, I think it is so good you are cooking with her. I wish I had done more cooling with mine.
    I simply love the butterfly dress you make for her…looks great with the wellies. Very in now.

  7. Jem – I love the labor of love it takes to cook with a wee one. Those cracked biscuits look diving, cropped or not.
    I must say, I am shaking in my Bohemian boots in fear of what you’re going to say about my latest post. Let me have it girl. I need the laugh, even if it is at myself!

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