Daughter Dearest

So, I made the wee one a new dress, this style is really not my thing, as it is long, but, I figured that I'd give it a shot since she wears what I tell her she's too young to care. She was a little upset that this was not a skirt, I even warned her days ahead that I was sewing a dress.  In retrospect, I wear skirts 6 days out of the week in the summer, the seventh day is either a dress (99% of the time) or a pair of shorts, the same is lil' ornie's preference, so I should have anticipated the fight.


butterflies don't belong in nets 

There was some griping, and requests to give away the dress to our houseguest (her 23-year old uncle), to which I did not oblige.  Arguing ensued, mommy won…

She loves butterflies and I had this fabric stashed away since last summer for just the right garment, I really am not big on animals on clothes–birds and butterflies are the current exceptions.
This dress was perfect for the rainy day, hence the yellow wellies. 

Should I make a few more for her?  Never mind the arguing, it's in her blood to argue and mine to win, which won't happen for many more years, because butterflies don't belong in nets.

Oh, and because they are getting some attention, here's another shot of our boots!

Yellow Wellies

7 thoughts on “Daughter Dearest

  1. Reading this reminded me so much of Rosie. She will throw fits if her mom tries to get her to wear anything but dresses. She won’t even wear the adorable Liberty of London skirt Jennifer bought her.

  2. SO CUTE!! OHHH… to have those days back! My 11 year old daughter just won’t let go of those awful mesh black gym shorts. ugh!
    Hope life is grand!

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