Hey, I’ve Got it Going on…

So, the second day of the workshops started too early (did I say that?)! I skipped breakfast and ate my backup cupcake–lemon is a fruit, so…
We again, started our day with Kaari; we made fabric flower bouquets and they were really amazing! Kaari had a table set up with a dozen or so fabric squares for us to choose, a small table with ~20 spools of ribbon, and an overflowing amount of embroidery floss for our project. We had a little piece of heaven that day, I was so overwhelmed, that I did not take pictures of the setup. Bummer, her shears alone deserve their own blog post, they had “French General” etched in them all! Mmmm. Oh, yeah, flowers… here’s mine, I slapped it on this bag, it looks really good with the ticking!


In this photo, Shelley is wearing her first one and putting the finishing touches on the second, she is a machine, MecaShelley is what I call her now.


Next, we all attended a luncheon and the very first thing that I did was find and meet Amy Butler! That really made my afternoon! She was really nice and cheery and just happy to be there!


I know what you are thinking–yes, she’s 6’10!” Okay maybe not that height, but, she is tall and she had on some major heels. I don’t wear heels, so, that’s all me. The lunch was great, the panelists were great, it was really a good time to sit back and just eat.

Our last class Shelley and I had together, it was with Charlotte Lyons, we made a handy travel tray. I use it to tote jewelry kits from room to room. It came together well, I will make a few more for gifts.


I had a lot of fun with my OK gals! It was fun to share a room with Shelley, she was compliant with my need for a warm room. She may have unwillingly lost five pounds, though! MecaShelley made all of my gifts, she is a sweetie!

Excuse the terrible lighting and editing–

this is a little sign for my sewing room and a box, I keep extra needles and thread in there for now.

I love my little journal! The burd pendant sits on a birdcage near the sewing machine, and those lil’ legs! I don’t think that she was able to squeeze all 8 letters for a name tag for me, I love it!


This is from the journal that she made, basically, we said this the whole weekend!


That was a nice weekend, but, I must admit, I had a margarita on my way home from the airport!

6 thoughts on “Hey, I’ve Got it Going on…

  1. Cute post!! You have the best memory! It was a great weekend and I do work like a crazy person! If I did lose 5 pounds, I found it!!! Yes Amy Butler is a beautiful giant!!! ~Shelley

  2. didsomeonesaymargarita??
    you go to and create the most fabulous goodies!!!
    love the flower broach on your bag!!! ((love that bag))
    love the jem jam sign the travel crafty tray..the journal oh heck all of it!!
    i need to stow away in your luggage…next trip. 🙂

  3. Hey Jem!! When did you go to this? I am so jealous….looks like soooo much fun!! I really need to get it together and go to some of these!! Sure miss seeing ya!! Talk soon!!

  4. Gah! Love the bag and fabric flower! This looks like sooo much fun. I totally need to go next time! I need to work on my sewing skillz….. btw, how was the tulsa etsy craft day?

  5. I feel like I was there. Well, at least I can talk about it now. Thanks for all my treasures from your trip. Looking forward to going with you two sometime.

  6. Following the OKC crowd this afternoon…you guys have way too much fun! Never knew Amy Butler was a giant…the things you learn on blogs! Loved listening to you talk about your daughter so much, I read your blog all the way to the end. Hope you and Robin have a booth again at Silver Bella!

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