What’s the 411, hon?

On a windy weekend in late April, 100+ females met in St. Louis for a workshops event hosted by Mary Engelbreit. Three of us from OK traveled together, Renee, Shelley, and myself flew to MO for a great adventure. Soon after arriving to St. Louis, we hopped in a car and drove to Mary’s studio for a grand tour, I explored more than I clicked….





Next, we ate lunch, checked into our rooms and headed to the much anticipated Red Lead Paperworks.


Red Lead is run by 2 sisters who were chatty and funny, their store was swell.


One more shot…

I introduced my travel buds to Urban Outfitters (they have never heard of it!) and we hit up Anthro, too. We prepared for the welcome night where Mary greeted us, she’s so excited to see me!


Here’s a fella bella, Rachel V. and Shelley


Everyone made their own name tags for the event, here’s my roomie and me with ours:


After the meet and greet, the 3 of us enjoyed a cupcake or two, it was a perfect end to almost any night not involving alcoholic beverages.

The next day, we wake up bright and early for breakfast at 7:00, luckily, Shelley and I had our own bedrooms & bathrooms, so we did not have to get up before 6:00. Our first class was a charmant bracelet.


Our instructor was Kaari Meng, look at her name tag!


I ended up with both colors for the bracelet, they were just irresistible.



I had this gilded beauty signed by the author and contributor and mailed to my greatly missed bird.


During this class, Shelley and I sat a seat apart and magic happened. There was some snickering, talking under one’s breath, and mild profanity, basically, we made a friend.


Priscilla is her name, her bling would make Lil’ Wayne proud, she was hilarious and will understand the Mary J. Blige reference that is the title of this post.

After lunch, I made a glitter chandelier with Wendy freaking Addison, yo! I have been a fan of Wendy for about 5 years, longer than I even knew who Mary E was! That was such a labor intensive class, it was 98% cutting, I am not exaggerating. It was a handoff between an exacto knife and scissors, my fingers will never be the same again, neither will my sewing room where the chandelier hangs. I love it. Love it!
During that class, her assistant quickly became my life coach, she said that I was too anal or detail-oriented, she did not get far with me, she surrendered.


We ended that night with a fabulous dinner, wine, and dessert, of course. Day 3 coming up next!

12 thoughts on “What’s the 411, hon?

  1. You LUCKY girl!!! To travel and be in the midst of those creative rock stars…..fabulous!!!
    Love that armoire…your bracelets..did you make one for your bird??? Ahh the eye candy!!! I wanna see that chandy too??!! All of that and cupcakes too??!! Yum!
    Can’t wait to see the..to be continued post(s)!!!
    Sunday Blessings~

  2. I know, I am so lucky! I did get a kit for my bird! Kaari knew of Robin’s situation and gave her a different bracelet kit, too! She is awesome.

  3. Nice post Jemelia! Just seeing all the pics and hearing all about it makes me jealous! By the way, I LOVE your name tag..with that robin egg necklace…precious!

  4. I am glad you had fun…but let me focus on the vain. Okay, are those little buttons on the sleeves of your sweater??? Muy cute. Your necklace and nametag are getting much love from me. Is Shelley like the most photogenic person you have ever met? Certainly it isn’t me. Also am I actually jonesin’ on that pink Charmant? What? I missed you guys but you waited the appropriate amount of time to post so it’s all good. Love my book. It is bedside and has drool on it but not so much to smear our Kaari’s note…

  5. Oh, I would focus on the same, let’s be serious here. Those are not buttons, they are holes for my thumbs!! Sloves! Let me tell you (and Amy) that necklace got NO LOVE in St. Louis. But, OK loves it and I love yous! Shelley’s photogenicity makes me want to shomit, yes, I just made up a word, you guess which one. The pink Charmant is juicy. My book is bedside, too. There is an inspiration board in there that I talk to every night.

  6. Hey Jemelia! Hope all is well, AND you’re keepin COOL! Enjoyed seeing your ME pics. Now, for some reason i’m craving cupcakes… strawberry sounds good…

  7. What? WHAT????/ You went to St Louis and met Mary Engelbreit and you didnt stow me away in your suitcase?!?! *sob*
    I had no idea this even existed! Ohh, it sounds like so much fun. I have been dreaming of the awesomeness that is Mary since I was little šŸ˜‰ she inspires me to make my own little art empire, hehehe….

  8. hi shomit!!!! i had to drop in and say hello sunshine. make sure u KIT. and when u come out to cali, both u and shelley, i will host u all. k mommasita! take care.

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