It’s a French Gilded Life!

Recently, Robin and I were able to attend a jewelry class with Shea Fragoso, Debbie Murray, and Kaari Meng in Dallas, Texas.  

Shea and Deb are a mother-daughter combo forming the Gilded Life, they are amazing, talented women and have great hospitality.  Also, they know how to serve desserts, lots of them.  Until 2 in the morning.

The charm that the Gilded Life girls taught was breathtaking.  The techniques were new to me and that made me feel adventurous.  

Kaari arrived as we worked on our first charm and swept all of us off of our feet with this necklace. 

This was a pleasure to put together. I originally did not attach the "shine" charm to the necklace because I thought that it may be to heavy, but, it is really beautiful all together.
Aside from the class itself, I had a blast with the Texas mommas and my bird. Robin gave out lil' gifts (stamped fabric swatch w/vintage buttons),
Heather A. did as well (thanks for the beaded charm!), and so did Shea and Deb (the initial necklace)!  Thanks to all of you!  


I received an extra gift from Robin, I am in love with the packaging.


It is a thimble, I love it so and I will use it once I can break the seal on the bag. It will take a little while longer to do that, by summer, I'm sure.

I had fun with everyone that night, especially Stacy "I can't sew" McGiness, who apparently does not realize that she is a Texas momma.

11 thoughts on “It’s a French Gilded Life!

  1. Uh, I don’t even know where to start with you Stacy, you called me Jemima when I got there, Jemima! In the middle of the post, I said that I had fun with the Texas mommas, you are one of them! Would you rather me call you my partner? I already have one of those…

  2. wow!! Sounds like a blast!! I love, love the necklace!! I want to go next time….sounds like way too much fun!! Love you girls!! Missed you Saturday Jemellia!! Hope to see you soon….we should do lunch soon….can ya?

  3. I’m so envious of your needlework!! Just beautiful! I’m SO happy to have met you guys, hopefully we will meet again! I’ve had a ball!! (sorry this comment doesn’t really apply to the post, just had to give a ‘shout out’ 🙂

  4. oh jemellia,
    can you believe i am commenting??? i am getting into this blog thing. you are one talented girl and i’m glad i can say we were room-mates the very 1st silver bella………………..see you soon at the pc.

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