Beets, Black Bears, Battlestar Galactica

A month ago, I attended a baby shower for Holly Abston.  Shelley lives in the same small city as Holly and hosted a fantastic party for her. Some of Holly’s friends are handy with medium of all sorts, and we had to bring it. I felt overwhelmed with deciding on a gift for a boy (bag? quilt? 3 piece suit??). I took a step back and just made something simple, useful, and juicy–hand-embroidered bibs.


I am digging the black on this one


Beet red is not used so much with newborns, so, I went for it


This is an old stamp that I just love oh so much:


 Holly should be having gave birth to her last boy today and I’ll take to the hospital this final bib:


The Abstons are Battlestar Galactica fans…

10 thoughts on “Beets, Black Bears, Battlestar Galactica

  1. Oh so sweet and he will be the most stylish kid in the crib..tee hee!!
    That sweet newborn bebe smell and sound….so yummy..enjoy the visit and get that baby fix for me too.
    The my three sons theme song is runnin’ through my head..but you are too young to remember that..:)

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