Pink Fluffy Flowers

While the outside temperature was still in the 40s, I decided to move forward with the seasons. I am going to be ready for spring when it arrives. I will take more pictures of the springing blossoms and track how fast that pussywillow grows in the pond. Also, I am going to have clothes ready, of course. 

As I clean my closets of old shoes and unworn clothes, I dream of things to fill the fortunate one's closet. Sewing, of course.


I saw this fabric on sale at J.Caroline's near empty spot and bought a yard and challenged myself to do something useful with it. Now, you should know that sitting pretty is useful…
I went to a pattern that I have learned to love, that Kwik Sew dress.


It is not spring yet, so, here is her seasonal segue.


The rosette is a birthday gift from Aunt Bird. Ain't it perty? 

 This skirt gives me dry-heaves:


I just made it 2 days ago and as I was editing the photo, I have thought of another skirt to make with the prints, look out for that. 

It's almost spring break and I plan to make a raincoat for the child, I hope that goes well. 

***I'll be at Funky Finds Spring Fling in Ft. Worth this Saturday, come out and support the handmade artisans! Want to find me? Look for red shoes and polka dot knee socks.

8 thoughts on “Pink Fluffy Flowers

  1. I adore your little dress…so cute! I sat at a table with you at Silver Bella in Kaari Meng’s class. I was the one in and out of the wheel chair. Does that ring a bell? You did some mean FG goodness with all those lovely beads and it was not lost on this one! I appreciate it down to those tiny four bead links! Great job!
    Suz Reaney

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