I Will Not Say it Anymore, After This Post…

Donna Layton was our instructor at Paper Crown for a honeycomb balls (last time) garland. She has got some talent, the scary kind. The honeycomb was an interesting construction, overall, it was not complicated, but it is hard to do something like this when I want to talk the entire time.
This is the final product:


I added the heart charm and bead to mine, very sweet.


Donna made our name tags, she drew the flowers. Is it not pretty? I wore this cardigan that Jimmy washed and shrank (no! not the anthro clothes!). I wore it anyhow.

3 strand pink necklace 

Yes, it looked like it belonged to 3 year old E, I don't care. Look at how well this tag matches my sweater. Please, do not try to ignore the necklace, it is 3 strands of FG goodness. It took about 4 hours to make. Worth.it.

5 thoughts on “I Will Not Say it Anymore, After This Post…

  1. Oh, I wasn’t ignoring the necklace…drool…drool! Donna hand drew those name tags? The one class I miss (well I miss a few)…awwwwwwwwww! I must comment on the sweater. My fav J. Crew, with some amount of angora/wool or something, was washed by…well, NOT ME, and is about the size Miss E could wear, but I just cannot bear to part with it. Maybe repurpose it…I await the vision. I still love those balls…the prettiest I have seen…

  2. seriously, who could ignore the necklace? I’m afraid to even visit FG. LOVE the garland, sorry I missed the class. Will need to check class schedule for what’s next – am out of town for easter egg class. phooey. phooey.

  3. i saw those paper balls hanging up in the store, yours are soo pretty! 🙂 I love the adorable name tag too!
    Thank you for posting to my blog! 🙂 I love yours, so pretty, and your etsy shop is fabulous!!

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