The bird and I signed up for a class at Paper Crown for the end of January; it was going to be a great way to start a new year and rid of any possible holiday funk and stories from aforementioned events. Unfortunately, the class was canceled due to a snow and ice storm. I was disappointed, I was ready to struggle to make these honeycomb balls and now we had to wait 3 more weeks! 

Finally, the class was rescheduled for the day before Valentines Day, which meant one thing, I had to make something for my bird in which I share a pod. Sadly, I did not take pictures of the item, because I suck.
I did however, take pictures of my gift that she made for me. It is a larger, softer version of this.


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  1. Raw edges
  2. fabric-covered button
  3. 2 beads (vintage!)
  4. seam binding
  5. luscious velvet
  6. Rouenneries fabric square
  7. Red toile 
  8. Heart on the back that looks like it says "Je" but, it does not
  9. coffee stains
  10. V-notches

and with this gift, 

I am sanctified.

5 thoughts on “Legit

  1. Wow…you two are my very favorite birds and I enjoy the watch thru my binochs.
    Je…just stop sucking and learn how to take pics BEFORE you give the gift away…plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  2. Well I love this post!
    1. You wrote it.
    2. It is about us.
    3. It is about me.
    4. Use of the word sanctified.
    5. I made you happy.
    6. You made me happy!
    That is all.
    Bird out.

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