Do the Wrong Thing

A few months ago, Holly A. asked me to make a pillow from a piece of fabric that she has owned for at least 5 years, I quickly agreed, because she makes me laugh. When she finally gave the fabric and ball fringe to me, I did not even look at it for a few days, it was just after xmas and I just was not ready to make it.

Once I looked at the fabric, I peed my pants, but, just a little. After an hour of work (pillows are easy), I took some pictures and decided the right thing to do was to keep the pillow.


Instead, I did the wrong thing, I returned the finished goods. By doing the wrong thing, I scored these lovelies that she made:

Are they not fabulous? I have only worn one pair and that is all that I can handle right now. Thanks, Holly.

5 thoughts on “Do the Wrong Thing

  1. Ummm can I share custody of these pretties?? I will have to contact Holly ’bout the pillow…it is fabulous..wish I had your sewing talents.
    ~ When my Grandmother was teaching my sister to sew I was out digging up worms.:)

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