Our Toddler

Is one year older!
On her birthday, she got another haircut, wore a new dress and the three of us sat at her table and celebrated. 

 We sang to her


she opened her gifts from us (she would shake this everyday for 2 weeks, she thought that this was chocolate candy):


we ate cupcakes 


and most importantly, she received a train set!



This special moment lasted less than 15 minutes but, it was worth every second. It was so important to us to be able to do this with our daughter because we may never get the chance again to have such an intimate moment with her.

5 thoughts on “Our Toddler

  1. Woah! that is the awesomest train set!!! Audrey got a little Thomas the Train one for christmas. What can I say…little girls love trains!
    Glad she had such a happy day— or 15 minutes šŸ˜‰

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