1 Bird for Me, 2 for You

Recently, I made a sleeve for my eyeglasses because the one that came with them is so terrible to see, even without my glasses.
I just used wool felt and found an embroidery pattern that was a perfect size, also, ridiculously cute.

eyeglasses sleeve

As soon as I finished sewing the sleeve together, the E monster claimed it!
The bird motif is from Embroidered Effects and was featured on a pillowcase dress, which I do not fancy. I made her this dress and embroidered the birds.

2 birds dress

The lining + heart:

2 birds dress lining

2 birds dress-buttons

When I gave the dress to my babe, she said, "Mommy, I like my birds," and hugged the dress.

7 thoughts on “1 Bird for Me, 2 for You

  1. Oh yay! Doesn’t that just thrill you that she loves it??! Those birds are darling and I really like the embroidered button too.

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