Silver Bella 2009, Part Trois

I really need a curtain call on Silver Bella 2009! It’s been a month already! Times are busy around these parts, oh well.
So, Robin and myself took another class together for a total of 3 (out of 5). We really had a great time together, there really isn’t any “getting tired of her,” well, we will skip the “I NEED my coffee incident…” I think that I saw horns.
Anyhow, here’s my hodge podge journal cover:

Hodge Podge Journal class 

The wallpaper is from Holly, she gave us some during a summer visit to her home. The guts of the journal are random papers/ephemera that Rebecca Sower provided and from my own stash, which will quickly thicken the project. I love this journal, I have not quite decided on how to use it, I have been recommended to use it for myself, and that I will do.

On Saturday during lunch, we had a guest speaker, Jo Packham, oh my, she really blew away all of us! She was an incredible public speaker, she made me feel really good! (Think Barack Obama at the Iowa Caucus, really!)


Jo Packham quote

We received swag bags on welcome night with these goodies inside:

 Swag bag items! 

I made skinny key fob wristlets, 190 of them! My friend Liz helped with cutting, stapling, and notching the satin ribbon. Husband helped with attaching the key rings, thanks, Jimmy! Why anyone would want to help me do anything is beyond me, I am so particular. But, hey, I guess I attract sadists.


 Okay, I must speak about the goodies that my bird has given me. I asked for a shrug a while back and look at the rosette that she made for it! Who are you kidding with that button? Damn!

 Red and blue goodies from my fav Bird 

 I love my earrings, I could seriously wear them everyday, she is so awesome, yes, she made them, too! The little red pouch there holds business cards & there is a separate pocket for mini moo cards. That is very handy at Silver Bella and in my purse at any other time in my life. The blue bag held the red pouch, and look at this!

 That's me! 

Get the hell out of here with that!! Yes, Je is my nickname, it is pronounced “G.”

2 thoughts on “Silver Bella 2009, Part Trois

  1. Aww honey. Those pictures look beautiful. I love you but I will never understand why you didn’t know that you put water in the coffee machine, it is not hooked up to a constant water supply. But coffee was had and it was all good.
    Incredibly good.
    Oh the inspiration and what it breeds in me.

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