Silver Bella 2009, Part Deux

Thursday night at Silver Bella is welcome night. 200+ Bellas congregate in a large banquet room, we see old friends from years past,

Jana's mum

new friends in which we’ve established cyberships (yeah, I said it) and we meet new people as well.

We do a group project, which is probably the hardest teaching job there. A little Bella math: happy hour + 200 giddy adults + chocolate + sleep deprivation + swag bags = a tough crowd to wrangle. I learned how to “rope” in third grade, I wonder if I’ve still got it…
Luckily, that wasn’t my job, it was Stephenie’s from Fiskars and she did great! Thanks for the ornaments and the extra goodies!

Fiskars table

Fiskars goods

Friday, we all take classes. Robin and I took 2 classes, we did Rebecca’s class together, this is what I made:

Cigar box class

I did not like messing with that wire, so, it looks icky, but, whatever, it’s complete!

Later in the afternoon, we set up our 2 Birds in a Pod booth.

2 Birds in a Pod booth 2

2 Birds in a Pod booth

Here we are on Vendor Night, we started with an apron…

2 birds in our pod

Robin's back

Check out how ridiculous Robin looks. Her apron is from the 1950s, dress from the 1960s, you cannot see them, but, her shoes are from the 80s! I dislike her right now, no, wait, she’s carrying a bag that I made.

Well, my apron is from November, my skirt that you cannot see is from 2008, shoes-2006 and blouse-August 2009.

Robin’s knits rocked the house! She brought home almost none, she had to make some in the car on the way home, actually!

More Silver Bella to come!

12 thoughts on “Silver Bella 2009, Part Deux

  1. Oh my, how utterly cool of you!!! I am SO thrilled that I got to hang w/you and meet Robin and that we shared Jo’s luncheon together. You girls are so much fun and I love it that you’re from Oklahoma as well. Okies are the BEST!! Love you guys and love my new apron as well.

  2. Awww bird. Great post. Your Rebecca Collage is so gorgeous. It was an indescribable feeling to have you share Silver Bella with me.
    Forever thank you.

  3. I LOVE your wire and that collage! And guess what? That darling blue blouse you’re wearing with that darling apron of yours…I own the same blouse! Hanging in my closet and I have yet to wear it! I’m sure it looks sooooooo much cuter on YOU! You are too sweet for words….

  4. Hi Jemellia! Great to meet you at SB! Did you see I am in the background of the fiskars pic?? How exciting!! Hope you have a great holiday!

  5. wow, it sounds so fun! I think some year I need to get myself up to Nebraska for this….
    glad you all had a great time! I can just imagine all the ladies clawing eachother for Robin’s knits šŸ˜‰

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