Will Sew for Birthdays

Our two year daughter had 4 birthdays, 3 parties to attend in a month, that is a lot of cake to eat! 

The first of the four was a set of twins that live in our neighborhood and old MDO mates of E.  G & A turned 2 in September and had a pool party in their backyard. It started raining at the beginning of the party, but, the sky soon cleared and the water fun commenced.

I am not good at buying gifts for children, I do not look at toys when I go to Target, ever. Not even for our own. I like buying books for kids, but, you never know what they already have, E has already received duplicate books!

I decided to make smocks for the twins, they may not think that they are that cool of a gift, but, their parents may appreciate them.

On George's smock, I used a navy pinstripe and red binding

G's smock

Here is the back, yes, I used a zigzag because I did not think about using my walking foot. I do not care much for visible zigzag, but, he's 2.

G's smock 

Abigail's smock is a bird fabric that I really like and I have an entire bolt!

A's smock 

I used a rolled hem on the serger instead of binding the entire thing, it would have looked nicer, I do believe.

A's smock 

Moving on to the next birthday a few weeks later, a little girl turning 3. She goes to school with E, I figured she could fashion a skirt, because, really, who can't use a new skirt??

Paisley skirt 

No sight of skirt since, but, hey, my intentions were good.
The next day, was the third party, for a boy in E's class. He got a smock as well.


Oh yeah, a thank you card and a play date invite!

*Smock pattern is from Amy Karol's first book, Bend the Rules Sewing.

4 thoughts on “Will Sew for Birthdays

  1. In the future (fingers crossed), you will be invited to ALL my children’s birthday parties. The smocks are lovely. Liz

  2. Oh man, those amocks are so cute. I can’t even talk about that skirt. Lucky kiddos. E is a great friend, expect many more invitations.

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