No Time to Say “Hello”

I bought two pieces of fabric from a line called Wonderland this summer, it really spoke to me and I just had to make something for lil' stinker with it. I kept it out for a few months, pondering the perfect piece–dress? Skirt? Tricycle cover?? I put it away until I was ready for cutting it, which was also hard to do.  I decided on a Butterick pattern for a top.  

Wonderland top 


I was happy with the results, but, that dot fabric is just so damn cute, I needed more. I wanted to do ruffle capris, but, I do not have good luck with E wearing those (too tight, pooped in them, made a hole in the crotch, etc.). I opted for a Lazy Days skirt, because, it is simple and would not be too much with the top, it turned out cute. 

Wonderland Outfit 


I was not thrilled with the two pieces together when she put it on, but, she insisted on wearing it. Pants look much better with a blouse that is flowy like this. Yes, I am an expert in the baby fashion industry, my credentials came with her birth certificate.

photo 2 

I did give in and bought two pairs of denim jeans for her for the cold weather season, I prefer her to wear skirts and dresses, but, sometimes, a girl just needs pants (now she has 5 pairs of pants for fall/winter) I am proud of myself, she only had 4 pairs of shorts for summer and 6 times that amount in dresses or skirts.

10 thoughts on “No Time to Say “Hello”

  1. What a darling little outfit your stinker is wearing! I love those prints and that kickin’ little bias trim just knocks it out of the ball park!

  2. That is a little kickin’ bias trim! You rawk the bias trim.
    You didn’t hand fashion the denim jeans? With raised eyebrows I say “hmmmmm”.

  3. She totally rocks that outfit. I wish I looked that cute in skirts. Actually, that’s my problem with skirts. I feel like a little girl playing dress-up. They just don’t look grown-up on me at all.
    I absolutely LOVE the way these turned out.

  4. There is still time, Holly, you may one day love skirts, remember, I am adopting you and I live for skirts in the summer & spring, which means, you do what I do.

  5. I love to dress my grand baby in skirts too, and still use them in winter, we just put warm tights under them. Your little one sure looks cute in that outfit!

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