Got Orange?

I wanted to title this post, "How About Orange?" but, I figured Jessica Jones might not like that so much. Jessica, I am a fan.  

I order most of kid girl's shoes from See Kai run, they are great shoes that are not stiff or narrow, which, sounds just like our bodies. During a sale, I spotted some sandals and could not decide if I should purchase them, I do not care for orange (or purple). After a few late night e-mails from two friends, I received their approval. This is what I want our daughter to do as well, seek peer approval before purchasing unnecessary items and still buy them.


Now, as I mentioned, I do not like orange, so, of course, she had no clothes for these shoes. After a month or so of wearing these sandals with non-matching clothes, I finally made her two skirts.

Here's the greatest photo in the world:


She seems pretty happy with it, because I told her that she is. Well, really, she loves birds and circles.


And no, I will NOT buy her purple shoes.

Say What?

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