2 Birds in a Pod

My Oklahomie* and myself have a craft show collaboration called 2 Birds in a Pod. We want to keep patrons informed of the shows that we attend, so, we have a blog that you can now frequent: 2 Birds in a Pod

*Robin's term, which I love 

 I recently received a blog makeover! It was necessary, I like the clean/plain look because I really wanted my readers to focus on my delightful writing and pictures. Reality settled and I asked Hope Wallace to hook up my crap blog. Great job, she did. Yes, I am Yoda today. 

I met Hope at Silver Bella in November 2008, she is so lovely, really. I have not quite figured out why she speaks to me. Hope has a company called Paper Relics, which, I have nothing but fantastic things to say about her product. Her rubber stamps are truly, truly the best. I have 4 sets and really, would like them all!
Thank you, Hope!

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