Birds, Birds, Birds

A few weeks ago, The Vintage Pearl wanted 2 aprons for a large craft in which she was a vendor. I had only one apron made and she actually has one similar, not to mention, it is a kitchen apron. I knew that she fancied a particular fabric and figured that I would finally cut some to use for her, I know that it was going to a good home.
I had been working on a vendor apron pattern for a while, and with her request, it was time to execute the plans. Here's what I envisioned:

green button vendor/craft apron  

The back of the apron (yes, "It's pretty on the inside")

green button apron

Erin's aprons did not have the buttons on the waistband, which is too bad, because it is just so cute. I thought of that later. It was ridiculous how great these aprons matched her booth, which was really busy and very pretty. I scored a fabulous necklace there. I think that she will have them in her shop sometime in the future. Pic to follow. It's dark outside already.

Oh yeah, you can find this apron here: JemJam!  

More bird talk soon.

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