All the jars are all lined up…

This photo reminds me of "March of the Pigs," as I put the jars on the table, that song played in my head. 

I made cupcakes in a jar, it started with this.  Yes, it looked liked muffins, which, I suppose they are because I put chopped cherries and pecans in yellow cake.  


After baking the cakes, I put them in the mason jars, topped with chocolate frosting, I used the recipe on the Hershey's Baking Cocoa box, and silver sprinkles.

topped with silver sprinkles 

Here's one that did not make the cut, I was hungry. 


The cupcakes were for my husband's niece, she had a high school graduation party. My sister-in-law and her husband made turkey kabobs and they were fabulous. Who knew sweet potatoes were actually good? I did not.

  turkey kabobs 

Between courses, E wanted to play on the trampoline, which is not an attractive option when the ladies are wearing dresses, but, you have to have fun sometime, or at least, whatever keeps the baby from crying. 


Luckily, we could soothe crying E with a cupcake, she was distraught after being removed from the trampoline. 

Security was tight, she had bodyguards at the graduation… 


4 thoughts on “All the jars are all lined up…

  1. Diva. Martha. You guess which is which.
    So do you eat the cupcakes with a fork or do they pop out of the jar? I am very intrigued by any use of glass jars. I have such a hard time putting them in the resycling, I want to keep them all…
    Nice post.

  2. We eat them from the jar, with an addition of ice cream, that is why I did not put an extra cupcake on top. I definitely have a hard time recycling glass, also, but James does not. I let him do it for me, I just look the other way.

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