New stuff

On Memorial Day, I decided that it was time to hang some new panels, which required ironing and dedication to complete the project. E decided that I needed to spruce up my laptop, you know, for spring.   

new computer 

Sorry kid, you are the Elmo fan here, not me, especially not 2 Elmo stickers! I am loving the new brand. So, now, Jimmy is a PC, I am a Banana. Well, I took no more pictures of the laptop, seeing that clicks of the camera would encourage such behavior, which did not matter, she put about 5 more stickers on my Banana. This is why dads should call home before buying stuff for kids, most likely, it will be vetoed. 


Here is E deciding if she should just dump over the pot of soil all in one motion or slowly disperse it among the concrete…she chose the latter.  Again, clicks are encouragement.


A new cheese that we loved 


A new recipe for me 


Another new recipe 


And a new hairstyle 


Our baby no longer looks weird with a ponytail.

One thought on “New stuff

  1. I love the picture of her looking out the door with her little jamas on. So are those muffins and what kind? Must share recipe, Martha.

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