I Have Never Cared for the Color Purple

We, the fam, took a car trip to my in-laws' cabin for a day; we stopped at the Renaissance Festival en route. Kid E and I had fun in the back seat: 


Sadly, her glasses fit my face: 


This affair is really big here, it is every weekend in the month of May, this was it's fourteenth year in operation. It is amazing, so many patrons dress in costume, as well as all of the employees of the event. 

My sister-in-law helps her significant other with the operation, they look really cute!

Heather and Matt 

A better view of her costume:

Beautiful Heather 

The festival had been opened for nearly an hour when we arrived and it was already full of people. This sign
is upon entrance:

Faery and daddy 

The kid is in costume because as her loving parents, we feel that it is our duty to put her in clothing that is scratchy, synthetic, and inappropriate for voiding, especially after consuming mass quantities of liquids due to aforementioned clothing. 

Here I am enjoying homemade cream soda and breathable cotton fabric:

hitting the bottle 

E loves rocks-always has, so, there were a few stops for her to enjoy the best toys in life, the free ones.

Drove 2 hrs to play with gravel. 

E also loves animals, but, the closer that she got to some, she became apprehensive to touch them, except for the ponies, loved the ponies. 


She cried when the ride was over.
The faery's dad enjoyed every weapon-throwing game on the premises. He was best at axe throwing, look out lame jesters…


James-4 axes. 

The parasol has a spot in our home now, it is purple and I love it! Thanks Heather.


Sharing a good-bye kiss with her favorite aunt 


I am sure that we will return next year!

2 thoughts on “I Have Never Cared for the Color Purple

  1. Looks like a fun day and great weather. Perfect inappropriate for voiding choice! I think I will wear something like that for our road trip to Omaha…

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