Dirty Grrrl

Kid E loves to be outdoors, I love to weed. One of those statements is true, the other has an unnecessary preposition…

It was time to go out and exercise our loves, I asked kid E to get a hairbow (long bangs) and she came back with these shades that she received as a newborn and a cute bow.  

I found these garden tools and the bag at Pottery Barn Kids on sale for $20. I passed on it the first time I saw it because it was $40! The quality of both the bag and tools are excellent. Husband did use the transplanter for planting our onions, as it was small enough.

It was my intent to get rid of these crappy pots, but, E loves them so much, and I feel obligated to make her happy.
garden tools
This is where we might end the evening outside, get clean, and have some mint chocolate chip shakes:
Dirty girl 

The water is already running…

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