Garden of Love

It is the best time of the year, Spring.  Unfortunately, spring season does not last long, we will have about 2 more weeks of it here and it will be hot.  Husband has planted several tomato and jalapeño plants along with cilantro, as we are building a "salsa garden."   

Here is a picture of a mega-beast from last fall, our parsley, it is huge!


Here is a shot of our herbs.  

The green onions made it through the winter, so that was nice, it is trying to escape and grown elsewhere, like the mint that I cannot keep under control; we have at least 3 different types of it. 

Next is thyme that also survived the winter and is spreading like crazy. I pulled the sage plant, as it was humongous and we rarely used it, there is a tiny bit growing back that I can live with. 

There is a little one that lives here that thought it would be nice to step on the rosemary, but, those little size 7s could not hold it down! "I've got to keep on moving," it sang.

Our pot has basil in it, it is the most coveted of the herbs. If there is too much rain, I will move it. I will probably plant more of it, as it is my nature to over-do things that I love. Well, some things, I am good with one husband and 2-year old…

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