Skirts and Tanks for Summer

I have been working on some sets for the summer…

tank & skirt

They are perfect for all year, really, just add a cardigan, it is better than CrewCuts. This one above, I gave to my niece for her second birthday. It was hard to let go.

Another one:

And the most adventurous for me, animal print:


This print sold out fast at my favorite shop, so, I figured it was something that I needed! I had another project in mind, but, after making 3 Edith Twirl skirts, I was in the mood.

I thought I would jazz up the tank w/green stitching, what do you think?

Obviously, I am talking to you Robin, as you are my only commenter.

2 thoughts on “Skirts and Tanks for Summer

  1. I agree with Kate about the green one (but it’s seriously hard to choose a favorite!). I adore all of your fabric combos. Did you know Lotus Dots is being discontinued??? It makes me want to cry!

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