I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire.  I enjoyed that movie so much!  One of my professors would ask the class had we seen the movie about social justice, out of 100 students, no one had seen it!  This was just before the Academy Awards, I'm sure a few watched it afterwards.  I do not like going to the theater to see movies, so, I knew that it was not going to happen.  The only movie I saw last year in the theater was "Tropic Thunder," yes, it was worth it.

Bill in a Snuggie

Bill Maher is coming to a city near us!  I really would like to see him, I am such a fan!  I may pass because I also want to go to Silver Bella and we may plan a summer trip-a cruise, maybe.  After reading this, I am giving the cruise second thoughts.

Say What?

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