Someone stole my eggs

Not those eggs!  I'll give those away! 

For lunch, I made deviled eggs for the three of us.  I suspected baby would not like the eggs, as she rejected them previously.  Well, I gave her some of the stuffing, which was loaded with cayenne pepper, and she loved it!  I saw her reaching for one out of the platter…


I placed an item in the sink and returned to this!


Well, soon after, baby skipped town for two days!  I was able to rest and teach a friend to sew!  She made 2 throw pillows!  Sorry, did not take pictures!  Also, I made this:


and baby wasted no time turning into this:


Yes, we were at a birthday party.  No, that is not chocolate on her face, it is sand and blood, and it looks like something may be coming from her nose.  

Also, she does not like the when I make her pants, she peed in one pair within an hour of putting on them and another day pooped in this pair–again, within an hour of putting on them!  

(I will probably erase this post by the time she starts school and save it for something big, like her first date).

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