March of the Tools, the Seam Ripper

Be an optimistic sewer, just have a "Plan B!" 



My "Plan B" is the seam ripper, Clover's, to be exact.  I am loyal to some brands, this is my best seam ripper.  I cannot think of a project that I did not have to take out at least one stitch, or all of them.  I am meticulous when it comes to sewing, and cooking, and cleaning, and ironing, and okay…living.  
Where was I?  Oh yeah, seam ripper, it is really sharp.  I will use whatever I find first, but, whichever machine I am using, I try to have this seam ripper next to me!  I know, I should buy a second one!  
Here is the latest project on which I have used the ripper:  

No, I did not use the seam ripper on the model, although, if she ever gets chewing gum in her hair…

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