March of the Tools, the Garlic Press

I admit, I love cooking!  We have homemade dinner most days, we may eat at a restaurant twice a month.  

I am not big on gadgets, but, the few that I use, are life saving.  One of my favorite tools in the kitchen is the garlic press.  I do not mind smashing garlic with the back of my butcher knife, but, after that, I do not care to chop garlic.  At all.  I have gone through a few garlic presses in my years as an amateur chef, and I absolutely love the Rösle Garlic Press!  

Garlic press
I can put a garlic clove in the press without removing the skin and it presses all of the garlic, best of all, it has the easiest clean-up, really!  

I know, how boring!  Try it, you will become excited, too, and begin making garlic butter more often for your bread-starved family!

Say What?

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