My Favorite Comb

This post is for March of the Tools.

This is my favorite comb. I have owned this comb for about 12 years, I do not know where I bought it, if I did. There are no substitutions, either, many have tried, but, if I do not have it, my hair is a mess, and so is the rest of my day.


It is in my nature to buy multiples of something if I love it, and I have not been able to find one exactly like it. Well, this is one reason why this comb is so lovely, ponytails like this:


We saw Sesame Street Live today, will recap in next post, as well as our bout with a 24 flu!

One thought on “My Favorite Comb

  1. I have an alarm clock I’ve had for 16 years that fits the same bill. It works perfectly for me and I’ve not been able to find a duplicate. Those pigtails are so cute! The ones I do for my daughter always come out lopsided.

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