Ginger Blossom

I made a skirt for my wee one last
summer when she was one, it was pretty short and she is growing fast. 
I recently made a new skirt with the same fabrics and I feel that this
one will last longer than three months, I hope.  E does not like to
pose when I want to take pictures of her clothing, maybe she thinks
that I am a freak, who takes pictures of my belly and skirts, anyway? 
The picture sucks, but, you get the idea…

So, I figured, for every five things that I make for wee one, I shall make one thing for myself.  I used Jona's apron pattern.  I switched up a technique or two, but, pretty much her directions.


Ah, yes, you may notice there is a copy of "In Stitches" on my nightstand, I bought that book at Urban Outfitters (I know, strange) for $14 in Las Vegas two years ago and have not made a single thing from it.  What's up with that?  I guess I have a new goal!

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