Serenity Now!!

We moved at the end of May and it has been the busiest time of my life. After painting, rearranging furniture, setting up the kitchen (all alone, just because I am a freak about the kitchen) and all of the other things that are to be done in a new home, I am exhausted! I have to say that I feel good, though. I have been getting a great workout, mostly from chasing our 18-month old all over the house and yard. Here is something that I did not have to work on, a pond in the back.
Here is a visitor, Froggy, he is shy and does not like cameras. He jumps in the water if we open the door. This shot is from inside.

This is the good stuff about the back, with all the rain we had a few weeks ago, and no real upkeep on the landscaping, I have been tackling weeds throughout the garden and it is a job!
More on that later!

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