These bowls are a treasure in our kitchen, I use them just about daily!
These bowls are able to take lots of use and abuse,
we received them as a wedding gift.
These pink bowls have lately been a temporary toy for a little someone in the kitchen.
Melamine…isn’t that really hard plastic? (No lead paint, so, they
are baby safe).
They are unbreakable, so that’s nice.
Baby nudged little bowl off of her highchair tray (signaling that she’s so
over this item!) and the bottom fell out of it!
I inspected it, and frantically went to Williams-Sonoma’s website, I could not find
any bowls anywhere! When I finally did a search for them, it said, “no longer available”
for every single color, I found that strange because they seemed to be a great seller.
Then came the ugly truth, they are on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2007! Luckily, our local
store has some in stock! Good choice Oprah, good choice!

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